Scam Alert: Police impersonators trying to steal your identity -


Scam Alert: Police impersonators trying to steal your identity

It starts out with a phone call from someone claiming to be a deputy. They want to know why you haven't paid a fine.

They tells you where the ticket was supposedly written and the court date. Then they want your driver's license or social security number. 

This happened to one woman, who doesn't want to be identified for this story. She says she didn't reveal any information. In fact, she turned the tables and wanted him to verify his identity and whether he was calling from the sheriff's office. 

Eventually, she hung up on him and called the sheriff's office. They told her no one by the name she was given worked there.

Law enforcement officers should have your driver's license number and access to your social security number through the National Criminal Information Center if you were written a ticket. 

If there is a misdemeanor warrant for your arrest, officers will usually call and ask you to come to the police station instead of requesting information.

In these situations, the bottom line - no matter how much a caller threatens you, you should never give out any personal information over the telephone.

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