Staying safe inside and outside during a storm -


Lightning Safety: Staying safe inside and outside during a storm

When we spend time outside, lightning is something we should all be concerned about. Afternoon thunderstorms can pop-up at any moment during the summer months. Unexpected storms can cause mayhem if you're stranded outside.

You should be familiar with the saying "When you hear thunder, take cover." But sometimes storms blow up all of a sudden making it difficult to seek shelter.

Emergency authorities want you to have a plan. "We encourage people to follow the 30-30 rule. That means if you see lightning and you can't count to 30 go inside and stay inside for 30 minutes. The chances are if you can see and hear lightning that you can actually be struck it may be miles away but it can still actually strike you," said Jim Vaught, who works for an emergency management agency in Georgia.

Boaters tell us they take lightning danger seriously. "We just try to get like we said nearest docks or shelter or there's a lot of empty docks you can probably get up under or bridges," said fisherman Scott Holland.

Lightning can also cause damage around your house, that is why everyone should be prepared for the worst. "You are going to have a surge of things knocked out...the microwave, the air conditioner, the telephone, the televisions, the computers those are all common things that are struck by lightning. And again the easiest way to protect those is surge protectors," said State Farm Agent Tim Thomas.

Before lightning strikes your house, make sure all of the trees around your home are properly trimmed, your electrical system is up to date and your electronic devices correctly installed.

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