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Hot Buns: Does it Work?

On a warm day, sometimes it's nice to get your hair up and out of your way. If you're looking for a hassle-free solution – we may have found one.

Hot Buns claims to be a simple styling solution, but does it work?

Marie Russel lives and breathes yoga. "I practice yoga a lot during the day, and I teach a lot during the day, so my hair goes up and down a lot," she said.

So Marie put Hot Buns to the test for us. The product promises to make a beautiful bun in less than a minute.

First, you put your hair in a ponytail, then pick what size bun you want from two options. Roll the accessory into your hair starting at the bottom, and fasten it. Then spread your hair around and pull the elastic cord around the bun to secure it.

The first time Marie tried it, her bun wasn't flush against her head. So she tried it again, and timed it. It really did take only about a minute to roll, snap and wrap her hair into a picture-perfect bun.

But how long would it stay?

Marie kept the Hot Buns in for the whole day. After several yoga classes, her bun was still in place.

"I would probably give it a simple A," Marie said. "Just because, for the purpose of what it is, I think it fulfilled its purpose. It keeps the hair out of the face, it stayed in."

She did have one complaint:

"It was a bit tricky to take out. I feel like it pulled out a lot of my hair."

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