BBB warns about fake airline vouchers -


BBB warns about fake airline vouchers

A warning from the Better Business Bureau - they say people are receiving fake travel vouchers in the mail. The mailings claim you've won two round trip tickets courtesy of American Airways. It says the voucher is worth over $1,300. The amount is supposedly worth two round trip tickets anywhere in the U.S.

Sounds good, but the BBB says not so fast. It says red flag number one, before you even open it, you will notice there is no return address, but the letter appears to come from Arizona.

Another clue this is not legit: American Airways is not a real company. The BBB says crooks are trying to confuse you into thinking this voucher is from American Airlines or U.S. Airways. The BBB says if you get one of these in the mail or something similar, call them to check it out or contact American Airlines directly to make sure you're not being scammed.

Another piece of advice: Don't call the number listed in the mailing. If crooks get you on the phone, there's a good chance they'll be able to con you into giving up some of your personal information.

You can report mail fraud to the United States Postal Inspection Service.

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