Procrastination can lead to packing on the pounds -

Procrastination can lead to packing on the pounds

America Now wellness expert Peggy Hall warns that procrastination can be fattening.

Peggy explains that not doing a task causes stress, and stress raises the levels of cortisol and adrenaline - hormones that tend to pack the pounds on, especially around the belly.

Stress also can prompt us to eat for comfort, even when we're not hungry, Peggy says.

"When we are putting things off like cleaning out the garage or organizing our taxes, the task might seem so overwhelming that we decide to snack instead as a way to distract ourselves from the task at hand," Peggy says. "But research shows that when you complete just one task that you've been neglecting -- just one -- it can unleash a cascade of feel-good hormones that prompt you to continue to take other positive actions -- similar to feelings of pleasure we get from indulging in favorite treats!"

That's why Peggy recommends that you "Do the Undone". Here's how it works: 

1. Look over your to-do list and choose the number one thing that has been like a pebble in your shoe. What is the ONE thing that you've been meaning to get done but have been putting off?

2. What is the very next step you need to take on this task?

3. Look at your calendar and decide when you want to take that step. You choose. No one is forcing your time frame.

4. MOST IMPORTANT PART: Bask in the satisfaction of getting the task/job done.

Really claim and embrace that feeling of accomplishment. Those "feel-good" chemicals will flood your body in a deep and satisfying way that no food in the world can ever do.

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