Neuticles could restore your neutered pet's 'manhood' -


Neuticles could restore your neutered pet's 'manhood'

There are about half a million pets on the planet who have been neutered under the guarantee that no one would ever notice.

For the animal lover worried about how neutering will affect their pet's personality and their appearance, there's a semi-solid solution called a 'neuticle.'

After the simple surgical snip which separates man's best friend from his puppy-making parts, some owners claim to notice something different besides, well, the obvious.

Josh Roberts recalls how his Boxer-Beagle dog, Benny, reacted right after he was neutered.

"He was very standoffish, he seemed very scared of me all the time," Roberts said.

Concerns over emotional, social and cosmetic changes cause many owners to completely forgo neutering their pets or, like Roberts, they later experience some level of guilt over having the procedure done.

"I really think that he [Benny] resents me, and knows that you did this to me and I hate you for it," Roberts said.

Neuticles are a soft, silicone testicular implant that promise to refill the 'void' of what's removed from any size of dog, cat, horse, bull or household pet.

The manufacturer recommends implanting neuticles at eight months or older when the major organs have developed so your puppy will not outgrow the implant.

So, who benefits most from neuticles -- the pet or their owner?

"I think it's strictly for the benefit of the male owner," said Dr. Kim Hombs, a veterinarian at Atrium Animal Hospital.  

While it may be true, more than half a million pets around the globe have been 'neuticled' according to the manufacturer of the product.

The four models range from Original to Ultraplus, and vary in firmness. They range in price from $100 to $400 and beyond.

Typically, a neuticle is added immediately after a pet has been neutered. 

While the surgery and post-op care is simple, in order to break up any building scar tissue, the neuticles may need routine massage.

While the pet regains his natural girth, veterinarians say implants likely won't affect your dog's personality or popularity at the dog park. That's because a pet's behaviors are linked to hormones which artificial testicles are unable to produce. 

"They know! There's no fooling another dog! They're not looking to see what he's got back there! They're sniffing to see what he's got back there!" Hombs said.

Some veterinarians caution against the potential risk of infection to a foreign implant.

Nevertheless, hundreds of thousands of pets have received neuticles, and the manufacturer says the company hasn't received a single report of any complications, and neuticles have an  unconditional warrantee.

Still, not every pet owner is convinced about having neuticles implanted in their pets.

"I will do anything for him, but he does not need fake," Roberts said.

If a new, implanted pair encourages more neutering nationwide to control pet overpopulation with the side bonus of giving a canine and his keeper a boost of confidence, some say, what's the harm?

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