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Avoiding mommy burnout

One of the many challenges of being a mom is feeling like you aren't doing enough, even though you've taken on a multitude of tasks. Mia Redrick, our mom strategist, has some advice to help avoid "mommy burnout."

Redrick regularly meets with mothers to help them prioritize their busy lives.

"So all day there is something," claims mom Claudine Cooper. "Mommy help me tie my shoe, mommy I need something to eat, mommy can you change the station, mommy can you help me get my bike out, mommy can you put my roller skates on? It's always something."

Another mom, Elisha Beach says, "Motherhood has been really intense. I don't think there is anything anyone can say that can really prepare you for how intense it is."

Heather Jones adds, "Being a mom requires a lot of tolerance. And you need to be okay with the hundred spills that are going to happen that day."

"One of the things that I found is that, as a mom, we're no longer multi-tasking, we're mega tasking", says Redrick. "So one of the things that has helped me over the years, is identify when I am mega-tasking and to reduce my commitment and my schedule."

Redrick says being clear about what she's actually contributing to her family allows her to reduce guilt and give her permission to do less.

"I firmly believe that moms aren't necessarily looking to balance their work and their life, I think what we want more of is joy," says Redrick. "So creating opportunities to experience joy on a daily basis in your life is the goal.

The key to ending "Mommy Burnout" is to understand everything that you are connected to and then give yourself permission to release and relax.

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