Protect your post marriage image on the web -

Protect your post marriage image on the web

Theresa Payton has served as Chief Information Officer at the White House and she says your digital life can become an open book in court. Payton said, "A cautionary tale for all of us that divorce lawyers want the best for their client, and they did a survey of divorce lawyers and 81 percent of them said. 'Oh yeah, I check social media first. I get the name of the spouse and the first thing I do…81% said the first thing I do is go to social media to see what I can find."

So those fun flirty pictures you share with your friends could come back to bite you. And your friends must also watch your back.

"You want to be careful about friends that post pictures about you on their walls and tagging you in those pictures that make it look like maybe you are having too much fun. Or, maybe you have too much money. If you're trying to claim to the court, I don't have money for child support and your pictures on Facebook sort of prove otherwise. So you really want to think twice about everything that you're posting online," said Payton.

Leeza asks Payton, "Can you give us some specific examples so people can start thinking about this differently. What sorts of things would put you at risk if you were going through a divorce?"

"Delete does not mean delete forever. It can be found," says Payton. "So what you really need to do is, day one, go through those privacy settings and say no one can tag me without my permission. And no one can check me in anywhere without my permission. Because the divorce court may use that to show you weren't really at work when you said you were you were out to dinner."

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