Is it a good idea to 'Google' yourself? -


Is it a good idea to 'Google' yourself?

Do you know what pops up when you Google yourself?

Our cyber expert Theresa Payton says you should. She also suggested setting up a Google alert and checking out websites that collect all types of public information about people and put it all in one place.

"You're going to want to spend about an hour the first time you do it, and go through those tools, especially if you have something in your past, a little blemish in your past, maybe a run in with the law, maybe you were behind on some payments and had credit collectors, there's anything like that, you're going to want to use these people search tools to make sure if it shouldn't be out there anymore that it gets removed," says Payton.

Many websites will make the removal a challenge, but it is possible.

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