Making plans for your pet during a move -

Making plans for your pet during a move

Moving can be really stressful for humans, but even more so for pets because they don't know what's going on so they'll often hide or try to run away. Pet pro Luciano Aguilar has some expert tips to help your dog or cat make the move.

Too often animals are afterthoughts during the chaos of a move, but Luciano has some things you can do to keep your four-legged family members happy and safe on moving day.

First, as you're packing up, remember that dogs can chew through cardboard boxes, so keep poisonous items like cleaning products and other chemicals off of the floor. Also, dogs may think moving materials like tape dispensers, bubble wrap and foam peanuts are new toys. These are all choking hazards, so be aware of what you've got lying around. This includes personal possessions like shoes that you plan on packing up.

Then, on moving day, if it's possible, I recommend not having your pet around at all. You can either board him or keep him at a friend's house. If those aren't options and your dog is crate-trained, keep him in his crate away from the action. Otherwise, pick a room that's already been emptied and make it a "safe room" with a bed, food and water, and a litter box if you have a cat. Make sure to put a sign on the door that says "Animal Inside – Do Not Open."

Now, no matter how hard you try, your pet can still slip away on moving day so make sure he's wearing a collar with his tags and that the contact info is current. If your dog's micro-chipped, which Luciano really recommends, make sure the microchip registry is updated with your new address.    

If you are moving a pet across state lines, be sure to check the laws. Many states require a health certificate from your vet verifying pets have the required vaccinations and don't have a contagious illness. So check the laws in the state you're moving to and be sure to bring all your vet records with you.

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