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Ninja Frying System: Does it Work?

The 'Ninja Frying System' promises to heat up quickly, keep the pre-set temperature even if frozen food is dropped in and it's suppose to cook much quicker than other fryers allowing you to eat healthier by having less oil soak in your food.

The first thing we noticed and thought was a great idea was the detachable electrical cord that connects to the fryer with magnets. This way, if someone accidentally pulls the cord, the whole fryer doesn't come tumbling down spraying hot oil all over the cook. That's a nice safety feature.

Once we plugged the fryer in, it took approximately ten to twelve minutes for the fryer to reach the 375 degrees we set it to. Next, we had to assemble the frying basket and handle. This is where the trouble began. The directions in the booklet that comes with the fryer were a little confusing. We had assembled the handle to the basket wrong initially, which caused it to completely fall off the basket when I tried to pull the food out of the fryer. If you purchase this model, make sure you read the instructions thoroughly before assembling the basket.

Our test food: Frozen french fries. Once the fries were in the basket and lowered into the hot oil, we watched the temperature closely to see if indeed the fryer keeps its temperature as promised. I was surprised to see that the fryer did that for quite a while before dropping off a few degrees. The slight drop in temperature wasn't enough to affect the cooking time.

In the end, we found the 'Ninja Frying System' did very well. The fries didn't seem to absorb that much oil and tasted great without any hint of greasy oil. We give it a passing grade.

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