Protecting your home during fire season -


Protecting your home during fire season

Nationwide, one out of three homes sits near fire-prone areas and wildfires account for half of a billion dollars in losses and damage each year.

With the increasing threat of destroying homes, burned belongings and tears from people who have lost everything, The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety conducted the first ever indoor ember storm to simulate what happens in a wildfire. It gives a rare glimpse into what it's like for a home to burn start to finish and why.

The house was built like so many, right down to pine straw collecting on the roof and in the gutters. Shortly after the embers started flying, the pine straw caught fire, melting the gutter right off the house. The gutter then falls into the landscaping and it all is immediately consumed by fire.

This doesn't have to be your house - there are things you can do to protect your property.

Lt. Sliker says, "You can use mulch and you can protect your house by having your sprinkler systems installed and turning those on if you know there is a fire nearby."

Something else to consider: If a wildfire is raging near your home, get a hose to the roof and turn it on. It's what the fire crews will do once they arrive on scene. It helps to protect the property and gives it less of a chance of catching on fire.

The IBHS says homeowners should consider an asphalt shingle roof. It is the best type for a wildfire prone area. Neither flames nor sparks are able to penetrate this type of roof.

Don't forget the small things: Sometimes, the best line of defense is a working smoke detector and a fire extinguisher.

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