Prisoners train service dogs for handicapped citizens -


Prisoners train service dogs for handicapped citizens

Early training will stick with a dog throughout their lifetime. It's not the training these dogs received that will stand out, but who is doing the training.

The training comes from prisoners at the Dayton Correctional Institution. These canines will have big jobs when they finish training, since most are trained as service dogs for those with special needs through an organization called Circle Tails.

It can take up to 18 months for the training and when these dogs are finished with the program, they can help many people with different kinds of needs. It is the prisoners opportunity to show what positives they can provide to the community.

Kimberly D. McGlothen, with the DIC Dog Training Programs says, "If we can produce a person who can get back out and contribute to their community, then we are putting somebody back out better off and I believe that program is doing just that."

It's a unique pairing, as prisoners help those with special needs. The recipients we talked to say they've been given their lives back thanks to the hard work of the prisoners.

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