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What you need to know when buying an engagement ring

If you're a man in love, there's one purchase you're not likely to skimp on: An engagement ring. In fact, recent consumer research found that men spend nearly ten billion dollars each year on rings for their beloved. So here's what you need to know before getting down on one knee.

The jewelry industry calculates it at anywhere from $500 to $4,000. That's the average price of a solitaire ring with a one-carat or smaller diamond.

Philip Press has designed thousands of engagement rings at his Los Angeles store. He does not usually recommend buying a completed ring before proposing. After all, the goal is to make sure your bride will want to wear that ring forever.

"One of the more nervous moments in a young man's life may be popping the question. But choosing the engagement ring doesn't need to be," says Press. "You can choose the diamond, have that diamond set in a temporary solitaire setting, propose to her with that ring, and then afterward bring her into the jewelry store and design or create the exact ring that she wants."

Another way to insure you end up with the perfect ring is to make a seemingly impromptu stop at the jeweler's.

"Bring her into the jewelry store and just very casually browse through a selection of rings and get an idea of the style of ring that she likes the best," says Press.

Or there's the more stealth approach. You can discuss the ring with a friend of hers or a relative. Have that person take her out and just casually stop by a jewelry store and walk in and look at a few things.

"And then that person will aid you and coach you on exactly the style that she likes," says Press.

Whichever method you employ in your quest for the perfect engagement ring, remember…


This is her ring, it's not your ring. This is a ring that she's going to wear every day for fifty plus years, and it has to be something that she absolutely loves.

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