How to keep your furniture fresh -


How to keep your furniture fresh

Leeza Gibbons shares some eco-friendly, chemical-free, inexpensive ways for you to make your furniture more shiny and to extend its life for wood surfaces, wicker and rattan, indoors and out.

"And it's very simple," says Leeza. "I've got some lemon juice and some olive oil. I've mixed one cup of olive oil, half a cup of lemon juice. You don't want to put this directly on your wood surface. But for the wood polish, spray it on a soft dry cloth and then just go ahead and buff out."

That's going to make it nice and shiny and it smells so good too.

"Now for wicker and rattan," says Leeza. "You know how these surfaces sometimes can get dry and brittle and then they unravel. All you want to do is take your olive oil and heat it up a bit in the microwave."

This will thin out the oil. 

"I'm just going to dab a little bit on my soft cloth, but you can use a brush if you want. In any case, you want to rub it in with the cloth and make sure you're buffing it into that surface," says Leeza. "And it's going to begin to absorb the oil and that's going to make this furniture last a lot longer and look a lot better."

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