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The Beerbelly: Does it work?

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While the Beerbelly is a product that promises to turn you into an expert beverage smuggler, the device's intended purpose is far too obvious.

Since the manufacturer claims The Beerbelly allows you to drink whatever and wherever you want with no hassle, America Now decided to put it to the test to see just how versatile it can really be.

It's the gift almost any man would love to buy for himself. So, we asked Dan Peden to test this product for us. 

"Let's see what The Beerbelly is all about," Peden said while opening the box.

The Beerbelly is a modern marvel of neoprene body sling engineering. It is custom fit with a concealed 80-ounce bladder to keep an easy sip literally at your side.

Peden is a personal trainer, and a beer belly is not the type of six pack he is trying to build.

Instead of using it for alcohol, we observed Peden attempting to use the contraption as a solution to an athlete's common quandary, staying hydrated without stopping.

"It's gonna keep me cold and it's right there, plus, hands are free," he said.

The bladder's wide mouth came in handy when adding ice, but it took several tries for Peden to get himself strapped into the device despite the colorful cartoon-like directions.  

"That's almost a beer groin," he said.

That's exactly what Peden had when the filled device was on, a groin saturated with dripping sports drink.

If you have one, make sure your Beerbelly is secured with second checks on every valve and seal.

The manufacturer claims to have driven a car over the bladder to test it under pressure, but the manufacturer didn't mention the results of their test.

With his mouthpiece in position, Peden hit the pavement running and he was able to run and rehydrate with ease. 

Following his run, Peden was beaming and he called The Beerbelly, "My secret weapon!"

The Beerbelly also held up on a bike ride and, truthfully, it was barely visible.

"I still think I look pretty sexy," Peden said.

It is worth mentioning, though, by this time, The Beerbelly was barely filled.

When we refilled The Beerbelly with more beverage and a little carbonation, the device began to drip, yet again.

When Peden moved, he and his now much bigger and bloated 'belly' did not move in sync.

Suddenly, his secret weapon was a knock against his self-esteem and The Beerbelly had to make frequent stops to de-gas. 

Nevertheless, Peden insisted that at about $30, these limitations were a small price to pay for a man's libation liberation.

"Sign me up," he exclaimed.

His only suggestions would be for the company to add some abs to the device or create a hairy version for hairy guys.

If you don't mind the cost of taking your clothes to the dry cleaner due to frequent spills from the device, The Beerbelly could be a perfect solution for giving you freedom to quickly access your beverage of choice.

The manufacturer says The BeerBelly can hold either cold or hot beverages. They even sell a specially formulated One Step BeerBelly Cleanser to keep your belly smelling and tasting fresh.

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Additional Information:

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  • The company says: "The Beerbelly brings Freedom to the Beverage! Now you can drink WHAT you want, WHEN you want, WHERE you want, with no hassles and for less money! What more could you ask for? Now you can drink your favorite beverage at the movies, the ballgame, on the plane, anywhere, YOU DECIDE!"
  • Features: the sling and the bladder.
  • The sling fits users up to 6'8 and up to a 40" waist. It is made of neoprene, insulates and feels like skin to the touch.
  • 3mm of neoprene with 1 side nylon material.
  • The "hook and loop" is used for custom sizing and to prevent unraveling.
  • The bladder holds up to 80oz (more than a six pack) and fits in a custom shaped pouch in the sling.
  • Made of polyurethane by the same manufacturer that makes the CamelBak reservoir system.
  • The Beerbelly can hold either cold or hot beverages.
  • The bladder has a wide mouth opening for adding ice and to simplify cleaning.
  • The manufacturer claims to have driven a car over the bladder to test the seams and the nozzle closure capabilities under pressure…they don't recommend you doing the same.
  • Rinse the bladder with specially formulated "one Step Beerbelly Cleanser" which cleans without soap or rinsing: Buy here:
  • To clean the sling: wash in the sink and hang dry or throw in the washer on gentle and hang dry. Use a wetsuit soap or Woolight.

The following reviews were posted on (Source:

  • "It also doubles as padding for when your wife wants to punch you in the gut." - Adrian
  • "When you walk, the beer inevitably foams up and expands the beer belly." - Ross
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