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Dirty Deed: Beware of foreclosure theft

Have you heard of a quit claim or a quick claim? If not, this scam could cost you your home.

A group who call themselves sovereign citizens say Congress passed a resolution in 1933 in the wake of The Great Depression prohibiting entities, including government agencies like the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and banks from possessing property.

These people can walk into a government facility and sign paperwork to shift properties, clouding the property titles.

In some states, "sovereigns" are allowed to cloud the deed to foreclosed properties because the law forbids county registers and their staff from requiring proof of identification or proof of property ownership.

We asked Tom Leatherwood, who is a register of deeds in one of those states, why he would not simply ask for a mortgage note, payoff notice or bill of sale. He said, "It's not hard to ask, but if someone's going to commit fraud, they could have a fraudulent bill of sale. We're just the teller at the front counter. We're not the ones to tackle them in a parking lot and throw them in jail. That's what we've got courts for."

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