Is your football team's loss your weight gain? -


Is your football team's loss your weight gain?

A new study suggest that when your football team loses, your diet loses too.

The study followed 30 cities for two years. If their football team lost, fans consumed more calories and fat the next day. Cleveland Clinic psychologist Dr. Joe Rock says one main reason might be when we're upset, we look to food for comfort.

Cities with losing teams reportedly ate 16% more saturated fat and 10% more calories after a loss. Fans who got the sweet taste of victory ate 9% less saturated fat and 5% fewer calories.

Dr. Rock says to stop the comfort eating and get a game plan. "Just realize you're likely to do some things that aren't going to be great for you tomorrow if your team loses. Be aware of that and maybe jot down some alternatives. I realize I'm going to eat too much, maybe I won't pack some of the stuff, maybe I won't have some stuff at my desk tomorrow," says Dr. Rock.

So don't let a loss get you down or make you gain!

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