Buying the best fish in your area -

Buying the best fish in your area

Just like buying produce at a farmer's market, purchasing fish local to your area can be not only a culinary treat--but a healthy one too! Expert fishmonger Patrick 'Paddy' Glennon fills us in on your best local choices.

"It's better to eat what's local and what's fresh, and what's the king of where you are than to buy something from very far away," says Glennon. "If you're in the Pacific Northwest, you have Black cod, ling cod, halibut, the wild king salmon run, Oysters, clams, mussels - it's incredible."

But Glennon says the fish not to be missed in the Northwest is "The Copper River Sockeye! One of probably America's most delicious available fish in season! This, this makes me crazy," says Glennon. "Great Lakes region, you have white fish, pike, pickeral, chain pike, some salmon. You know trouts galore and it's local fresh from the lakes."

Glennon says his favorite in the great lakes is trout.

"Pacific - here in Southern California, we have swordfish, local white sea bass, vaquetta, our local spiny lobsters when they're in season are phenomenal," says Glennon.

And if you find yourself over on the West Coast, Glennon says you've got to try "California line caught yellowtail. This is my kids' favorite!," says Glennon.

Then we start heading East. "The gulf coast is like the cornucopia of fish in America. There are so many species of snapper and grouper, uh swordfish, tuna fresh shrimp, soft shelled crabs, crabs in season. And Crayfish, crawdads all day long," says Glennon.

Glennon names jumbo gulf shrimp the must-have seafood for this region.

"Shrimp are so versatile, so easy to use, and how lovely is that," says Glennon.

On the Eastern Seaboard, it's all about the cod. "We were born on cod baby! We built those railroads on dried salt cod," says Glennon, "On the Eastern Seaboard, we have oysters, tuna, swordfish, all the cods: parkit cod, haddock, pollock, hake, scrod uh local halibut, fluke it goes on and on it's endless, shrimp, crab. If you live there, buy what's local to you."

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