How to keep your dog safe while traveling in a car -

How to keep your dog safe while traveling in a car

Lots of dog owners let their pets roam free the car while driving. America Now Pet Pro Luciano Aguilar says this is a big no-no.

Whether you're going to the vet, the park or just out for a drive your dog should never be loose in the car because it's dangerous.

Loose dogs are distractions that can lead to accidents on the road. They can be hurt or killed if you slam on the brakes. Their flying bodies can hurt or kill you or other people in the car and they can be dangerous moving targets if they escape into traffic after an accident.

The best way to transport your dog is a crate secured in the back seat or the cargo area of an SUV. But there are two other options.

The first is a divider - sometimes called a barrier. It's basically a wall between the back and front seat that blocks your dog from getting up front with you.

Some barriers are made of mesh and others have bar. Aguilar prefers bars because dogs can rip up the mesh with their teeth and claws.

You can also try a harness. There are many versions on the market and they act sort of like seat belts.

You wouldn't let your child roam free in the car while you're driving and you shouldn't let your dog do it either. 

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