Travel tips to keep you comfortable in the air -


Travel tips to keep you comfortable in the air

Traveling by air is not very comfortable, it's really kind of miserable. Jill Miller, an international fitness guru and frequent flier has some tips to help us get more comfortable in the sky.

"Sitting on an airplane seat for hours at a time can create misery for your body. Most of the time you get off crankier and more loaded with pain than when you got on," says Miller. "So I'm going to show you some ways to get pain free on the fly."

First thing is to take your jacket or bring an extra sweat shirt, roll it up and stick it behind your pelvis, the lowest bone on your back. This will keep you upright or you can bring it up a little bit higher into your lower back so you're not so slumping or you can bring it up into the upper back and this will keep your head and shoulders on your body correctly.

"Another thing you can do is bring more movement into your body. There's carts going up and down the aisle, you need to get motion in," says Miller.

Pull your whole foot up onto your seat. And pull your knee in towards your chest and twist towards the leg. Get taller as you twist, this is a great way to ring out your aching back. You can twist in either direction - and you can say Hi to your seat mate.

"Lastly, I always travel with a pair of grippe pliable yoga tune up balls but if you don't have something like this you can use a tennis ball instead but place the ball underneath your hamstrings which gets super tight from just sitting in the chair. You can scrub the ball from side to side you can place it underneath your buttocks. You will walk off that plane pain free feeling better and ore mobile for the rest of the trip," says Miller.

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