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What you need to know about housing rental applications

Moving into a rental home can be a great new chapter in your life, especially when you find one for a price you can afford, but you need to be wary of crazy low prices.

When you go through the application process, which often involves a credit check, typically a landlord should not be asking for any fees or deposits.

But once you are approved for the property, most landlords do require that a tenant pay a security deposit.

Among other things, security deposits ensure that the landlord has the funds available to correct any damage a tenant has caused to a unit.

So if you don't have the deposit and first months rent in full, the landlord has every right to not let you move in.

Now on the other hand, if the landlord tells you its OK not have first months rent even though it's listed on the application as a requirement, that could be the sign of a scam. So do some research online.

You don't want to give a con-artist access to your birth date and social security number because you're opening yourself up to identity theft.

Don't be afraid to go to the location of the rental property and ask some of the neighbors if they know anything about the landlord.

  • How many people previously have lived here?
  • How often do they move out?

If you don't like the answers the neighbors have given you, you might want to think twice about handing that landlord any fees.

A lot of people have been scammed by so called landlords who don't even own the property they are trying to rent.

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