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Canada Green: Does it work?

It's the seed that promises green grass all year long - Canada Green. The makers promise it will give you a lush lawn in just days that will even last through the winter.

Meteorologist Beth McLeod wanted to test Canada Green on part of her lawn that wasn't exactly luscious and professional gardener, Joe Schill and his green thumb lent a helping hand.

Beth said the growth started out strong, but after 10 days it wasn't as promising.

"When it first started coming up as green fuzz, I was really excited and that was maybe day 6...then after that, its been nothing," she said.

She had some green color mainly favoring one side of the lawn on the tenth day, but it certainly wasn't fully thick and lush like the commercial promised.

"Which is surprising with the annual rye grass and perennial rye grass that was in the blend. I would've expected a bit more coverage," Joe said.

Although he says if Beth continues her aftercare instructions like watering her lawn twice daily, there may be some hope by spring time with a little help of some fertilizer.

But for now it seems the grass really isn't greener.

You can get a four pound bag for $25. Amazon users gave it three out of five stars.

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