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Distracted driving dangerous for moms, dads

Distracted driving is unsafe, irresponsible and in a split second, its consequences can be devastating, yet a lot of parents are admitting to doing it.

"I've made a conscious effort not to do it as much with the kids in the car, but I'm not going to lie it's very easy just to reach over grab it and pick it up," mother of two Kristi Ewasko says.

According to the survey from Safe Kids Worldwide, nearly four out of five mothers with children under the age of two say they talk on the phone, 26 percent say they text or check email behind the wheel.

"I feel everybody does it," mother Kim Rueseler says. "I've even done it before the minute you hear the beeps usually when my kids are in the car I try not to do it."

But drivers say don't just point the finger at moms.

"I would suggest that its similar for fathers as well," father Paul Crowe says. "We should pay attention more to it I'm just as guilty as the next person."

Consider this example, driving down the road at 30 mph, you look down for two seconds, according to police at that speed you'd travel 88 feet.

Then, at 70 mph the distance climbs to 200 feet in those two seconds, plenty of time for anything to come in your path.

"Its hyper important that we pay attention and do the right thing, not just for ourselves but for our community the people that are driving on the roads with us and most importantly, our kids," Crowe says.

Busy working mom and grandma Kathi Fish says she finds time to text away from the car. She says it's time we all take a stand against texting and driving.

"If I've got a client in my car and I pick up the phone and start texting and driving I would slap me how rude I'm going to disregard their life because I think this message has to go right now," she says.

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