Sleep deficit can shorten life span -


Sleep deficit can shorten life span

Lack of sleep is a dangerous thing and not getting enough can lead to deadly consequences.

"Most people get between four and six hours and that is not good. You are so much more likely to have diabetes, hypertension and heart disease," says Renae Davis, manager of the Sleep Disorder Center at EAMC.

Ninety-five percent of patients at the East Alabama Medical Center's Sleep Disorder Center are diagnosed with sleep apnea, or having pauses in breathing while you sleep that can last at least ten seconds. Sleep apnea can be treated with a CPAP device that looks like a mask.

"The scary thing is people actually do this sometimes 100 or 200 times. 300 times a night really puts a lot of stress on especially your heart, but also your organs in your body because your depriving all of them oxygen they need," Davis says.

Attention-seeking devices like televisions, cell phones and tablets take a good chunk of the blame for the third of Americans not getting sleep at night.

"Those lights actually do cause a chemical reaction in your brain that changes your sleep cycle and it will actually throw you off," Davis says.

Ninety percent of people with sleep disorders have not been identified and if you do believe you could be suffering from one, a trip to a sleep disorder center can help.

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