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What do your dreams mean?

Dreams represent our underlying thoughts and feelings. But according to our dream expert Dr. Marcia Emery, certain dreams are universal to us all, regardless of age or culture.

Some of the most common include being chased. If you've ever been pursued in a dream it could signify avoiding confrontation or responsibility. You could be fleeing a dangerous situation, or feeling threatened.

Teeth represent communication and one of the most universal dreams is losing them. It may mean you're afraid to speak out. So ask yourself, where do I feel powerless? How can I bite down and express myself?

And have you ever dreamt you were naked!? Nudity is another universal dream. It might mean you're feeling vulnerable, exposed, or you're tired of hiding. "hiding what," might be something for you to consider.

One last universal dream is falling. Such a dream could mean you're feeling helpless, like you're headed in the wrong direction. But it could also mean that you will land on your feet so when you dream Dr. Marcia says, use it—it is after all, your own custom wake-up call to challenges and potential opportunities!

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