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Turn your dead lawn into a lush green carpet of grass

According to the University of Michigan's Department of Horticulture, good landscaping can boost a home's value by 5 to 11 percent! And one thing that can make a house look like a million bucks is a manicured lawn. But if you don't have time to grow one landscape designer, Brent Green says a quick and easy option is sod, which is pre-grown grass.

"Before laying down new sod, it's always a good idea to rake the area level before you do. And in doing so, you cultivate the soil and make it more easy for the roots of the new grass to penetrate and get off to a good established start," says Green.

Once the ground is even and all rocks and debris removed, Green lays the sod in a staggered pattern.

"When you put grass in staggered this way, the seams don't show up as much," says Green.

Green says sod can be planted spring through fall in most parts of the country and is easy to grow once it's established. The only potential hazards you have to watch for are these furry bandits -- raccoons.

"Raccoons can actually flip grass up like this and go underneath and look for worms and grubs and other things that they like to eat. And so you may come out one morning and actually have a lawn that's all flipped up like this. If that's the case, you gently put the piece back down, tamp it in and try to establish a lawn as fast as you can," says Green.

In less than an hour, Green's lawn looks complete…but not so fast! there's still more work to be done.

Now it's time to firmly press the new grass into place with a sod roller. Afterward, Green waters it,  which he recommends doing daily for at least 10 days so it takes root. And be sure not to mow it for at least two weeks.

So if you decide to lay sod in your yard, remember Brent Green's advice:

  • Rake the ground so that it's level…and remove all rocks and debris. 
  • Laying sod pieces in a staggered pattern prevents seam lines. 
  • Water daily and don't mow for at least two weeks. 

And before you know it, your lawn will be picture perfect, too.

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