Secrets to becoming and staying organized -

Secrets to becoming and staying organized

From finding your keys to filing your photographs, professional organizer, Andrew Mellen, author of "Unstuff Your Life" shares some of his favorite tips.

As a professional organizer the number one complaint I hear from so many people is they cannot find their keys so this is my solution. If you have a surface near the front door keep your keys in a dish. If you don't have a surface but you do have a hook it's another great place to keep ‘em and if you don't have a hook you can easily apply one by the front door. Hang your keys up on it. First thing when you come into the house you hang up your keys. Last thing you do before you walk out of the door is grab your keys. You'll always know where they are.

How many times have you headed out to do some shopping only to discover too late that you get to the store and you don't have your coupons with you. Well, the way that I've solved that problem is to carry a clear envelope with me. Load it with my coupons. I keep it right over my visor and anytime I get to the store I know right where my coupons are. It's easy to go shopping and I never not have my coupons with me.

When it comes to organizing your photographs one of the things that I love to do is use an over the door shoe holder to separate them by subject or category before I actually put them into an album or some permanent storage. This way you can sort them according to their category in each of their little pockets. This is only a temporary thing but it's a great way to get you out of the packages before you're going to put them someplace else.

Here's another one of my favorite tips. Nobody likes to shred but everybody needs to shred with the rise of identity theft it's really important that you destroy documents. So a great way to stay organized is to establish one home for all of the shredding. When you open the mail or process the mail everything ends up here and then you only have to do it once every week or once every month but you're not constantly wondering where the things that need to be shredded are and you can find ‘em easily.

One of my favorite tips when it comes to organizing your jewelry is hang a simple piece of lace on your wall. It's both decorative and functional. It's a great way to store your earrings. And that way they're never in a jumble in the bottom of your jewelry box. You'll never miss one earring. They'll always be in their pairs together.

So now, there's no excuse not to shred, always have your coupons or lose your keys.

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