How to identify spirits residing in your home -


How to identify spirits residing in your home

When Tom and Rebecca Mendoza moved into this house in Valencia, California, they never imagined that it could be haunted. But when they saw mysterious white orbs of light in their home videos they got chills.

Do you think you could be sharing your space with a spirit? We went to an expert to find out how to tell and what you can do about it.

Tom and Rebecca say they had heard about other reports of floating orbs, and how some believe ghosts are link to such activity.

"You can see one orb changing directions maybe two or three times. Bizarre," says Tom.

It was upsetting enough that they decided to contact some paranormal investigators to see what was going on in their house.

Cheri Mancuso is an internationally-renown psychic medium who says she can see spirits and feel their energy. She says it's important to pay attention to an orb's color.

"Orbs will fly around and they'll be caught on camera or they'll be caught on film. Usually, they're blue or they're orange or they're white. Each color means something separate. Like blue is the color of spirit. White is the color of protection," says Cheri.

When Cheri and her partner, John Scarano went to the Mendoza's home to look for ghosts, we went along to check it out. And Cheri says she saw one the moment we arrived.

"There's a little girl. Oh my God. Okay. She's all excited. Cause she's here. And this little girl, blond hair, blue eyes. And as I was walking up the house, when we first started, I saw her in this window over here. And she was jumping up and down, and waving her hands. And she was clapping," exclaims Cheri.

And in the dining room, Cheri told us she could feel another spirit lingering by the China hutch – which Tom and Rebecca say had been making strange noises ever since they bought it at a thrift shop.

"It's an older man," says Cheri, "Sometimes when you have a piece of furniture that you get from like an antique shop or whatever, that DNA that was on that man that died is all over the hutch. The little girl that I felt was separate. Okay. She's a whole separate thing. She's not attached to the hutch. She's attached to the house. He's just trying to let you know that he's here."

Cheri is suddenly drawn to the home office.

"So you know…and also there's a room behind you Tom that I want to go in," says Cheri, "There was something tragic that happened in this room. Oh my god. I got the chills."

Inside the closet, Cheri finds a small bracelet. It's been hanging on the wall since Tom and Rebecca bought the house eleven years ago. Tom says something told him not to remove it.

"It's an A. Oh my God. I got the chills," says Cheri, "This was her bracelet. She died here. She wants to stay here because there are children. And she also had a little dog. I saw a little black dog. And I don't know if you ever—

"We had a little black dog," says Tom.

"He died?"


"He's here and she plays with him," reveals Cheri.

After completing their investigation, Cheri and John determine the Mendozas are not alone!

"We've determined we have four spirits in the house. The occupants decided they do want to keep them here," says John.

"I feel that they're all good spirits," says Cheri, :The major thing is everybody needs to live in harmony."

To achieve that harmony, John recommends burning sage. He says it will cleanse the house, especially the hutch, of any negative energy.

"With this sage I clear this object of all negative and unwanted spirits. You may not stay. You may not return. You must leave," says John.

So there you have it, whether you believe or not this ghost story has a happy ending. Peach and harmony! who wouldn't want some of that?

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