Posture: Staying comfortable through your work day -

Posture: Staying comfortable through your work day

After you sit at your desk for a while do you feel like every muscle in your body is aching? International fitness and pain expert Jill Miller says forget the pills-movement is the medicine.

We spend so much of our workday sitting at our desks and that sit which leads to a slouch—leads to pain. Here's how to eliminate it.

First of all if you must sit—sit right. Pelvis underneath your ribcage…skull over the ribs and then reinforce that with strength. Hands interlaced behind your head—push your head strongly into your hands and feel the upper back and neck to fire up to stabilize.

When you let go your head will literally levitate off your body and you will feel better posture. The forearm muscles for holding onto that mouse. That mouse which isn't lightweight it's like a toddler pulling you off to the side constantly.

Take your balls, yoga tune up balls or tennis balls stick them in a tote, place them on your desk take your forearm and drive it inside of the balls that rolling action will kneed and compress those tight tissues and you will be free of pain.

Lastly one of these areas that are under known but causing us tons of agony are the muscles that connect your thumb to the rest of your hand. Plop your hand right on top of that ball use the other hand for added pressure and then mow the hand up and down letting the ball caress into that junction or side to side or my favorite spin the ball like you're juicing oranges here.

I promise when you finish with this your hand is going to feel juicy and pliable. This is how you stay pain free at work.

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