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Unexpected ways to help avoid the flu

Every year, more than 200,000 Americans are hospitalized for flu related complications. But you can minimize coming in contact with germs that spread this virus. Here are some tips from our wellness expert.

Peggy Hall says, "If you're like me you want to do everything you can to help avoid the flu. I've got some simple healthy habits that I do to keep myself well and I think that you'll find that they'll work for you too."

"For example, I wash my hands with a bar of plain soap, not antibacterial soap. According to the FDA, plain soap and water is just as good as antibacterial soap which includes and ingredient called Triclosan and this is actually classified as a pesticide which could harm your liver and your immune system."

Peggy suggests when you wash your hands with regular soap that you scrub for about 30 seconds, or about the time that it takes to recite the ABC's.

"Also, I don't use those air dryers that you see in public restrooms. What I do is I grab paper towels instead and I dry my hands thoroughly," says Peggy.

The Mayo Clinic says that paper towels are more effective at removing the bacteria and germs because if your skin stays even a little bit damp, those germs are going to remain and multiply.

"When I'm at the office I steer clear of the office kitchen because those salt shakers and the coffee pot handles, even the light switches have germs lingering on them. So I use a paper towel or a napkin when I have to touch any of those items, especially during the flu season," says Peggy.

"When I'm at home I take care with the vacuum cleaner because that can be a big culprit in spreading germs. Before I vacuum I spritz the bristles with a diluted bleach solution and this helps prevent germs from being picked up and transported to other areas in my home," says Peggy.

These are the tips that Peggy follows and she has not gotten the flu in over 10 years.

"I hope that you'll find them helpful as well. Remember to treat yourself well, you deserve it, I'm Peggy Hall, America Now!"

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