Corneal ulcers common in contact lens wearers -


Corneal ulcers common in contact lens wearers

The convenience of contacts can also come with the consequences of over wear.

Ophthalmologist and cornea specialist Charlie Thompson at The Eye Clinic says tiny tears to the cornea, the clear part of the front of the eye, can lead to big pain and infection. 

The bacteria can be aggressive, leading to red eye, tears, pus or discharge and light sensitivity. 

Just because a contact lens touts "night and day wear" does not mean it is safe to keep on your eyes 24 hours a day. 

Here is a look at how you can avoid painful corneal ulcers and infections:

*Take out contact lenses every night.
*Clean the contact lenses in new solution in a clean contact lens case.
*Do not make your own contact lens solution.

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