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Potty Mouth: Does it work?

Ladies, are you constantly fighting with your significant other about leaving the toilet seat up? There's a new product out now that you can add to your arsenal help improve your man's bathroom etiquette.

Now there's a way to remind guys to put the toilet seat down. It's called the "Potty Mouth." It's a pretty simple device that consists of a sensor that's installed easily under the seat of the toilet and a speaker that looks like set of lips which you can adhere to the tank or bottom of the lid. When the seat is left up for more than 30 seconds, a gentle reminder is spoken.

There are several messages that the Potty Mouth relays when the seat is left up. Some of the messages are a little more direct. There's even a British lady that tastefully asks your man to comply.

Yes, it's a novelty. But it's one that serves a purpose, at least for some of you ladies out there.

This message for mom's and dad's - not all of the sayings are 100 percent "G" rated.

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