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'Dating' members of your family important for happy households

When a lot of people think of dating they think of being single and going out on the town. But when you're married with kids - that's when the real dating fun should begin.

Our mom strategist, Mia Redrick explains why, and shares her rules of family dating.

"This is something that you've probably not thought about but it's worked really great for me," says Redrick. "And it's dating your family."

Redrick created the three rules of family dating:

  1. Date yourself each week.
  2. Date your spouse every other week.
  3. Date your children individually at least once a month.

It's a wonderful way to connect and spend quality time with the people that matter the most.

"Self-dates are great and they don't have to be expensive," says Redrick, "In fact, it could be a simple trip to the mall to try on some clothes you've been admiring or just to window shop. Or, a complimentary cooking class. You get to decide. Just get creative and commit to spending time alone."

Also dating your spouse.

"We've all done it, but one of the things I will say is standing order dates - make them non-negotiable," Redrick says. " It's a great way to fire up any relationship. And, my favorite is spending time individually with each of my children. What a wonderful way to connect to the things that are important to them and to share it with them."

"I know it's hard but I want you to commit to dating your family. Dating allows you to build community and connection with people you love the most. Remember, when mama's happy, everyone else is happy," Redrick says.

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