Fashionable looks could be putting your health at risk -


Fashionable looks could be putting your health at risk

Skin tight clothes and high heeled shoes might look hot for a night on the town. But Dr. Bal Raj, an orthopedic surgeon in Beverly Hills, says these fashion trends are dangerous.

Take extreme high heels, for instance. Dr. Raj says they can cause severe arthritis in your back.

"The higher the heel, the more you arch your back in order to keep yourself straight. So when you hyper extend your lower back which is not physiologically normal you start putting excessive stress on what we call physette joints," says Dr. Raj.

And that's not all. According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, savage shoes can cause structural foot damage resulting in disfiguring bunions and hammertoes!

Skinny jeans are another potential health hazard. Dr. Raj says those tight, constricting pant legs can cause nerve damage over time.

"There's a simple nerve in the front of our leg called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. And this nerve supplies sensation to the front of our quads. Now, if you have chronic compression of that nerve, you can get numbness and pain. If you keep on wearing those skinny jeans you can have chronic damage and permanent damage to that nerve," says Dr. Raj.

Corsets, all the rage during the Victorian era, and now they're coming back. But Dr. Raj says this notorious fashion trend is a big no-no!

"The problem with wearing a corset is it compresses the abdomen," says Dr. Raj, "Within the abdomen we have valuable vessels that supply all of our organs. If we compress those vessels, our heart has to work harder, so our blood pressure increases. If you are wearing a tight corset with the high blood pressure alone, you could have a stroke."

So to help minimize your risks, Dr. Raj recommends these tips:

Save those extreme high heels for short distance walking. Wear skinny jeans for only a few hours - not all day. And when it comes to corsets he says some retro fashion trends are better left in the past.

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