New procedure promises the perfect buttock -


New procedure promises the perfect buttock

As men age, they start to lose their buttocks. Their backside becomes flat, jeans become saggy and women turn and look at it for all the wrong reasons.

PLastic surgeon Dr. Constantino Mendieta says more men are now coming to him for a fuller, bigger, better butt. The procedure is called "Gluteal Augmentation" and it plumps up your booty.

Dr. Mendieta says," you got to remember that the buttock is not just a muscle it's also fat. The problem is that work out does build up muscle but the muscle just deflates right back where it was and what you've lost is the fat on the buttock and you can't regain that through working out."

So now, men are going for plastic surgery. Dr. Mendieta says there are a couple of procedures that can get great results. One is to remove the fat around the midsection and inject that fat into the behind. If the patient is lean the doctor can insert a silicone implant.

Both of these procedures are not without risk and discomfort. If you decide on using your own fat for fill, for two months after the surgery you have to keep pressure off your behind. That means sleeping on your stomach and using a special cushion to sit in a chair.

The silicon implants carry a lifetime of risk for various complications.

Just like any plastic surgery there is always a chance that something could go wrong. You must have a board certified plastic surgeon who has experience in male gluteal augmentation.

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