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Eye-tracking tech could make earlier autism detection

Four years old is the average age a child is diagnosed with autism, but that could change. In a study by Emory University, researchers used specialized eye-tracking technology to measure how babies look at and respond to things with their eyes.

The experts found that signs of declining eye fixation showed up as early as two to six-months-old in babies that were later diagnosed with autism.

Dr. O'Kelly is with the Department of Psychology at UAB and she says she's skeptical about the study.

"I think it's a lot more to come to clarify whether this type of procedure could be used as an efficient, reliable, valid screening tool. We do know that eye contact is one of the initial symptoms parents do note, but it's only one of several that show up in first year of life," Dr. O'Kelly said.

Dr. O'Kelly did say maybe this kind of eye tracking technology could be used in the future. Parents should keep in mind this is specialized technology that these researchers used in their study. So you shouldn't necessarily be concerned if your baby doesn't respond to certain things with their eyes. It is natural for a baby to look around at things going on around them.

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