Brotox? More men using cosmetic procedures -


Brotox? More men using cosmetic procedures

Women have long embraced Botox and other minimally invasive procedures as ways to smooth their wrinkles, but now Botox is getting a "bro" make over.

"In the past it was considered non-macho to have these kind of things done ,but now I think men want to feel and look just as good as women," said physician and owner of The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge Dr. Tasha Shamlin.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were more than six million Botox procedures done in 2012.  Nearly 400,000 of those were men which is a seven percent increase over the year before.

Looking even further back to 2000, the number of men getting so called "Brotox" has grown 314 percent.

Botox is not the only thing men are turning to.  In fact, makers of a wide range of cosmetic products, like fillers, have even begun specifically targeting men.

If you are considering a cosmetic procedure, Shamlin suggests going to a licensed physician, and getting a consultation first to discuss all options. 

The cost of Botox ranges, but the national average is listed at around $370.  Fillers range from  $400  to $500 dollars.  Results last anywhere from three to 12 months.

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