Makeup lines promise glamour at drug-store -


Makeup lines promise glamour at drug-store prices

Women of color are desperately seeking the right color. Estheticians will tell you:  makeup for African American women is about matching three things: skin color, skin type and skin tone.

The problem is some women of color , have to blend two skin tones, light and dark.

Whitney got really excited when they started seeing commercials like the ones with Halle Berry and Queen Latifah. They tout value-priced, brand-name makeup lines, marketed to women of color. They project department store glamour at drug store prices.

We collected  color matches and shopped the foundation, eye shadow and lipstick of THREE of the lines:

* Revlon's Colorstay, $28.47/set

* Loreal's True Match, $27.97/set

* CoverGirl's Queen Collection, $18.81/set

Hoy took turns applying each line, wiping her face clean between each application.

Her conclusion:  "I didn't come to a conclusion," she said in frustration. "I look like a ghost!"

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