Foods that will wreck your diet -

Foods that will wreck your diet

If you're watching your weight, some foods that look healthy might be secretly wrecking your diet.

Prepared and packaged foods are convenient, but if your watching your weigh you need to be aware of all of the ingredients in them. Many "fat-free" foods can pack on pounds because they're made with lots of sugar. Prime examples are fiber and protein bars.

Then there are smoothies, these could be diet sabotage. Kristen Kirkpatrick with the Cleveland Clinic says a large smoothie at a popular store can be anywhere from 800 to 1200 calories and if you want to lose weight that is your total allotment of calories for the day. Best thing to do is to make your own smoothie.

Trail mix is another thing you will want to make yourself. While they are healthy, they are high in fat. Make your own baggies that contain a quarter cup serving and eat them one at a time.

Low-calorie frozen foods can be dangerous too because they tend to be high in sodium.

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