Cotton Ball Diet: A scary, new trend -


Cotton Ball Diet: A scary, new trend

Consuming large amounts of cotton is what some people are doing with a goal lose weight. It's called 'the cotton ball diet' and experts say it's extremely dangerous.

There are hundreds of dietary supplements hitting the shelves every day that come in pill and liquid form, but some people are opting out for cotton. A person takes cotton ball, soaks it in juice then eats it. Dr. Bruce Smith of Southwest Georgia Pediatrics says doing this can cause some serious health problems.

The cotton forms a bezoar, a large chunk of material that collects in your intestine and if it's not removed naturally, surgery is required. It can also cause aspiration pneumonia, which is when small particles in the cotton enter your lungs causing them to swell and possibly become infected. Dr. Smith says some cotton contains chemicals, and even natural cotton is just as hazardous.

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