Tips on buying a used car -

Tips on buying a used car

Buying a used car always comes with risk, especially if you're buying from a private party, our auto expert Steve Stroupe says by practicing come good used car due diligence you can reduce those significantly.

Steve says, "one of the biggest issues when buying a used car is determining whether to not the vehicle's got body damage. GO to both sides of the car and sight down the side. This will help you detect any body damage."

Also, inspect for drips and leaks on the ground at least twice. The first time is when you get there and the engine's cold and the second time will be after the engine has been running. Steve says when the engine is running open the hood and listen for any tell-tale problems sounds like knocking, ticking or hissing. Be sure to check the hoses for cracks and dried rubber.

Check the tires, make sure they are all the same brand and size and check for uneven or low tread depth.

For more tips on what to look for before buying a used car check out this video.

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