Secrets to a happy family -

Secrets to a happy family

According to researchers, the typical America family is undergoing enormous change. Millions of kids are now being raised not only in the traditional family structure of two parents but also by single parents, adoptive parents, lesbian and gay parents, unmarried parents and by grandparents and guardians.

Despite such diversity, families that are happy tend to have certain traits in common.

Communication coach Marcia Brandwynne says there are four important ingredients to a happy family.

1. Parents and kids in happy families tend to enjoy each other's company whenever they're together. Just a few simple questions can demonstrate interest in and concern for each other.

2. Happy families build and share meaningful rituals or traditions that are unique to each family. Shared rituals bring family members close together.

3. Happy families communicate with each other. They try working together to solve problems and conflicts that arise and always allow the expression of negative emotions as well as positive ones.

4. Happy families support each other. Take an interest in each other's activities or hobbies and encourage each other to try new things.

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